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Testimonials/Product Reviews

"The Cozywoggle is a well-made, carefully designed, stylish coat that allows parents to keep their children warm AND safe in their car seats. Many parents are completely unaware of the tremendous safety risk posed by buckling their children into a harness over top of the coat. The Cozywoggle gives parents a convenient alternative to unsafe bulky coats, in addition to improving child passenger safety by increasing awareness about the risk of bulky coats. My two year old kept telling me it was "soft" and "cozy" and didn't want to take it off!" Jen Shapka Children's Restraint System Instructor with the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada

"I received my boys' 2 Cozywoggle coats today. I have never before purchased a coat without seeing it in person, so I was a little nervous to look when they came. I saw someone else here on the Facebook page, ask what temperature these were rated at. Sadly, this question did not come to mind before I ordered. After reading it, I thought, that is a very good question. I live in Minneapolis, and our winters can be brutal. I now have NO DOUBT, the Cozywoggle coats, will keep my boys warm. The 2 boys I ordered them for, are 5 & 6 years old. They are of average height for boys their age, but they are on the small side of weight. I ordered sizes 5 & 6. These will fit them for at least 2 winters. I read in another comment, that these will eventually come in a size 7 as well ? Double Yay !!! While all the pictures I had seen prior to ordering, had the cute little penguins on them, our coats did not. I called the company phone number, received an explanation and determined that I would have purchased them with or without. I am extremely happy with them, my kids like them. Now they only have to wait for the cold weather to set in, to use them." T.B.   Mom in Minnesota

"So you may be thinking okay, how is this better/easier than putting a coat on, taking it off, buckling, putting on a blanket, taking off the blanket, unbuckling, then putting the coat back on. I thought the same thing. Well first off, for us that always meant that I had to put coats on/take them off outside of the car, in the freezing cold. I just wasn’t able to do it while they were still in their seats, especially when rear facing. This also meant that I had to try to wrangle all 3 kids in a parking lot as I got coats on each one. I actually had to devise a method of who was unbuckled first so I could manage everyone. With Cozywoggle, your child is fully covered, and all you have to do is zip the sides when they get out of the car. You don’t have to drag blankets around (which always ended up getting kicked off mid trip for us!) or worry about not having them, having “the wrong one” or not tucking your child in fully...The Cozywoggle retails for $74.99, and after getting one in my hot little hands, I can tell you it is well worth it." Maria at Change-diapers.com