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Cozywoggle FAQs

What is a Cozywoggle?

A Cozywoggle is an innovative, new coat that's safe for young children to wear in car seats. Traditional coats may actually be harmful in the event of a car accident because they often compress, leaving the car seat's harness loose and increasing the child's risk of ejection from the car seat and/or injuries from the loose belts.

How do you know the Cozywoggle is safer than a "traditional" coat?

The Cozywoggle has undergone crash testing at a lab and was proven safe in both forward-facing and rear-facing car seats.

Do I need to take my child out of the Cozywoggle when I take him out of his car seat?

No. The Cozywoggle was designed to serve as a "regular" coat, while keeping children safer in the car. The child can wear it in his car seat, to and from the car and while running around town. You don't have to carry around any extra jackets or blankets to keep your children warm and safe. It's an all-in-one solution, meaning busy parents have fewer items to juggle.

Where did the idea of the Cozywoggle come from?

Cherlyn Jenkins had a newborn and a toddler when she learned that children shouldn't be placed in car seats while wearing coats. Based on extensive research, Jenkins found that traditional coats often compress in a car accident, leaving the 5-point harness straps loose and putting children at greater risk for injury and even ejection from their car seats. She searched for an alternative to keep her children safe and warm. When she couldn't find a solution, she created one herself. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that's certainly true in this case!

What does the Cozywoggle look like?

The Cozywoggle looks like a "traditional" coat, but keeps kids safer. It's stylish, cozy and washable. The shell is made from heavy duty wind/water resistant polyester, and the fill is polyester lined with fleece. It comes in four colors: red, navy blue, pink, and purple.

How is it different from a "traditional" coat?

The Cozywoggle is the ONLY product that looks and acts as a coat, but is safe to be worn in a car seat.

What's the price point for the product?


Why do I need a Cozywoggle for my child/children?

As parents, we excel at safety-proofing our homes, putting up gates on our stairs and latches on our cabinets, but then we inadvertently jeopardize our children's safety by putting them into their car seats wearing traditional coats. Crash tests have demonstrated that wearing the Cozywoggle while riding in a car seat is safer than wearing a traditional coat. In fact, the Cozywoggle was proven to be as safe as riding in a car seat without any coat at all.

Where can I buy one?

On this website and on Amazon.com.

What sizes do they come in?

They are sized  18 months, 2T, 3T, 4, 5 and 6.

Can they be used in a rear-facing infant seat?

Yes. The Cozywoggle was crash tested in both rear and forward-facing car seats and was proven safe in both.