Welcome to CJ's Kids, maker of the Cozywoggle

About CJ's Kids

Pink Cozywoggle car-seat-friendly jacketCJ's Kids, LLC was started by Cherlyn Jenkins, a mom and entrepreneur, who was a special education teacher and behavior specialist for 20 years. When she learned that young children shouldn't be placed in car seats while wearing their coats, she had a newborn and a toddler. She needed to find a way to keep her children warm, while also keeping them safe, and she didn't want to juggle even more items, like extra jackets or blankets. When she couldn't find a viable solution, she invented the Cozywoggle, the only product that looks and acts like a coat, but has been proven safe to be worn in a car seat. Because she felt that such a product should be available to all parents, Jenkins started CJ's Kids, LLC in 2012, to bring her product to the public. CJ's Kids, LLC is based in Alexandria, VA, where Jenkins tries to balance the non-stop excitement of work and family responsibilities.